FREE Worldwide Shipping  

FREE Worldwide Shipping  

Use promo code 'MyFirst' for 10% discount.

Use promo code 'MyFirst' for 10% discount.

FREE Worldwide Shipping  

FREE Worldwide Shipping  

Use promo code 'MyFirst' for 10% discount.

Use promo code 'MyFirst' for 10% discount.

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You can start the purchase on the site of the chosen product. If the product exists in one size, it will be added to the list of the products to be purchased by clicking on the “ADD” button. If more sizes are available, you have to choose one before adding it to the basket.
Please do like this at all products you want to buy!
You can access your basket at all times by clicking the “BASKET” button on the right upper corner of the website. Here you can see the amount and total price of all products added to this list.
If you want to buy more pieces from the same type, you can set it in on the “Basket” page.

On the Basket page you can see all products added to the list of the products selected to be purchased. You can delete the unwanted items (by clicking the “x” in the black box) and you can set in the amount of the products.
You can add items to the basket by accessing the menu pages on the left side of the page from the different categories, in the way described above.
If the content of the basket is sufficient, you have to select the delivery method as the next step.
For the detailed delivery conditions please read the information in the menu “shipping”!

If you have a sale coupon for a reduced rate, you can enter the code on it in the the field “Coupon code”. By clicking the arrow in the black box our system automatically discounts the equivalent price from the total.

By clicking the “BUY” button, you can initiate the purchase as follows:

1. Collection by you
Selecting the personal collection possibility on the Basket page after clicking the Buy button, you will be redirected to a page, where after filling in the personal data you can leave us a message regarding personal requests. E.g. an requesting an invoice for a different name and address etc.
For sending the order you have to enter the letters into the special field and click the “Go” button. So the system sends your order.

If the process is successful, the “Successful purchase! We are going to contact you soon!” text appears.
We are sending an email to your address shortly after your order about the pick-up details of the products.

2. Card payment
Our system uses the PayPal payment method.
PayPal is the most popular online payment method of the world. If you choose this, PayPal requests the payment in email, indicating the details of the purchase. Here you can choose, if you want to pay through your PayPal account or with credit card. (In this case you don’t have to sign up or log in to PayPal, you can pay with your credit card through the secure system of PayPal).


The whole statement and this overview are valid for the websites and services of and MyGarden Ltd., which contain links to this overview.

During the operation of our website and services we are collecting data.

On certain websites and MyGarden Ltd. collects the personal data of the users, e.g. email addresses, names, home or work phone numbers or addresses. If you purchase or use any of our services, you have to give other information, e.g. invoice address.

We are collecting also other data about the website and service activity of the users without identifying him or her personally. E.g. we are receiving certain standardized data, which are sent by the web browser to all visited websites, e.g. the type and language of the browser, the access times and linking website addresses. Besides we are collecting information through the analyzing applications placed on our websites about your browser, including the source page, the search engines and search phrases used to access the site, which pages have been visited inside the web address, which plug-ins are installed into the browser, which is the size (length and height of the browser window.

The collection of the data about the visited pages, the used links and operations on the company’s websites and services is executed by cookies and web markers.

The and the MyGarden Ltd. collect and use the personal data of the users for the operation of their websites. We use your personal data also for getting in contact with you.
You can block the sending of newsletters and promotion emails by using the section in the letters.
The storage and processing of the personal data collected through websites and services of is performed in Hungary.

We are not going to share any of your personal data with others without your permission, except the following cases declared in this statement: During the purchase process, for the time of the delivery we can share your given phone number with the shipping company.

SAFETY OF PERSONAL DATA and MyGarden Ltd. are engaged to the safe storage of your personal data. We are protecting your personal data against access, use or sharing by unauthorized persons with several safety technologies and procedures. For example we are storing the collected personal data on computer systems with limited access, which are not connected with any external networks.

If you have any questions regarding this data safety statement, please first contact us at the email address If we are not confirming the receipt of the question or aren’t taking care of it in an adequate way, contact the competent authority.

EDITING THE DATA SAFETY STATEMENT and MyGarden Ltd. are changing this data safety statement from time to time following service changes and user feedbacks.  If there are important changes regarding this statement or in the usage of personal data by, we are publishing a warning on an apparent place or are informing the user directly. We are suggesting you to read again this data safety statement from time to time.


We are currently shipping to the territories indicated below

Hungary           FREE        Magyar Posta Zrt.         2-3 days   (Mon-Fri)

Europe            FREE      Fedex         3-7 days  (Mon-Fri)

Rest of world            FREE       Fedex          3-7 days  (Mon-Fri)

We offer one free exchange delivery per orders. If you send us back your original products for an exchange, then the shipping cost of the exchanged package is on us. You still have to cover the cost of the return shipping. Shipping costs are non-refundable.

- Our distribution centre does not dispatch orders on Saturday, Sunday, or Bank Holidays.
- We do not ship to P.O. Box addresses.
- Although we use all reasonable means to ensure that your order is delivered within a specified time, we cannot accept responsibility for late deliveries due to circumstances outside of our control. We will do our best to inform you of any unexpected delay.